The St. Francis-Professor Thyagarajan Foundation aims to make monetary Awards and thereby commend and inspire scholarly Applicants in such fields of Science as Chemistry, Physics, Geology and related fields.

Applicants are eligible from High School level, undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The Saint Francis - Prof. Thyagarajan Foundation is served by a Distinguished Board of Advisors - who are renowned as Scholar cum Administrators of Higher Education, leaders in Chemical Industry with acclaimed accomplishments in Chemistry, respected Medical Practitioners involved in Community Organizations, and Internationally famed Organic Chemists of exceptional achievement in their fields…

Each of the Members (listed in the accompanying pages) illustrates how well The Foundation is perceived, accepted and supported in its vision of supporting EDUCATION in the Sciences....

As the Foundation progresses in demonstrating its objectives, the expertise of each of these members in making the Annual Awards will resonate with the aspirations of the recipients of the Awards - inspiring them, in time, to make their own contributions to Society and to the Foundation, stimulated by their successes.



Awarded David Roca-López will defend his Ph.D. Thesis "Computational Study of Reactions of Nitrones" next September 6, 2016 at the University of Zaragoza (Spain)